Twin Oaks Family Newsletter ~ January 9, 2019

Twin Oaks Newsletter 1.9.2019

Dear Twin Oaks Families,

Happy New Year!  We are excited to be back at school and looking forward to a fabulous 2019.

Building Security Update:  To create a secure and safe environment for our students, the school district has installed new fencing and gates and have repaired existing fences surrounding the school property. The new gates are exit gates.  They are designed to be able to exit from inside the fenced area quickly if needed.  The gates cannot be opened from the outside without a key. 

Now that the project is complete we are establishing new protocols regarding the gates that secure the parking lot next to the playground.  These gates will now be locked during the hours the children are in the building.  The large gate and the pedestrian gate will be locked at 8:00 am everyday.  The gates will be unlocked at 2:15 pm Monday-Thursday and 1:00 on Fridays.  We are requesting that parents drop off and pick up from the lower parking lot.  There are parking spots in the lower parking lot available for parents who walk their children into the school.  The parking spots in the bus loading area will not be available at arrival or dismissal for safety reasons.  We do not want anyone to walk between or around the buses.

The large gate will be shut and locked in the evenings and on the weekends.  The pedestrian gate will remain unlocked allowing access to the playground and fields.

Family Directory: A new Twin Oaks Family Directory has been created and will be sent home with students on Friday.   The directory includes names, addresses and phone numbers for students that we had permission from families.  When students are enrolled, parents/guardians indicate if they give the school permission share information.  Please contact Vickie or Ms. Denisa if you have any questions regarding the Family Directory. 

School Choice:  During the month of January the school district provides information and opportunities for families to learn more about school choice.  In Eugene School District 4J, our school choice policy is that students may request to enroll in any 4J school. School choice requests are accepted in an order determined by lottery.   More information is included in this newsletter.

Denisa Taylor

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