Homework Policy for Planned Absences

It has become difficult for teachers to keep up with all the requests for homework when students leave for a vacation when classes are in sessions. A decision was made that teachers will not provide the exact assignments that students miss during their absence. They will instead be asked to do the following:
• Read (or be read to for younger students) for at least 1/2 hour per day. Have them report to you orally about the book they are reading.

• Keep a daily journal of events during the vacation. They should write for up to 30 minutes per day depending on the skill and grade level of the student.

• Give practical math problems as situations arise during the trip (for example, how much will it cost for our family if tickets for Disneyland cost $25 per person).35

• Make or buy flash cards to practice math facts daily.

Teachers will have the option of having students complete assignments that they miss during their absence. A folder may be kept with homework that is assigned. This will rarely be the case with students in grades K, 1 or 2 but may happen with older students.